Recycling eWaste is easy with eDebris!
What Do We Accept?
Responsibly & Securely Recycle your eDebris® and Protect yourself, your identity, and the planet with our convenient e-Waste Recycling program focusing on Data Destruction and Security

Convenient Nationwide Mail-In Program.

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We recycle all types of electronic media utilizing a variety of data destruction processes available.

This ensures that not only your electronic device is recycled properly, but your personal information has also been removed.
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Why Recycle Electronics?
• Electronic waste, or e-waste, has been declared a hazardous material and NYC law now requires individuals and businesses to properly recycle.
• When electronic waste is improperly disposed, it can lead to toxic materials ending up in land-fills and water supplies.
• Millions of tons of reusable and recyclable materials are ending up in landfills
• It is the right thing to do!